Bespoke Sports Treatment and Massage, Cheshire

Friendly and down to earth, experienced Clinical Director Chris Wood is renowned for explaining both problems and solutions in a jargon free way while offering additional training advice to support recovering plans.

All rehabilitation plans are programmed specifically to the individual and their sport. You will not find a more bespoke service.

Our Individual Services


Injury Assessment & Sports Treatment

We treat a variety of different aches and pains. Our in-depth assessment is the starting point of diagnosing your problem followed by a personalised treatment plan.

from £32.00

Sports Massage

Our professional massages will help repair sore muscles from training and competition. Regular sports massages are also research proven to help prevent injury too.

from £28.00

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain can be debilitating, our Knee assessment and treatments aim to get you back on track as quick as possible.

from £32.00

Sciatica Pain Treatment

Sciatica can often be very irritable, and we understand that quick, and effective pain relief is what you need. This is why we aim to get to the root cause of your issue.

from £32.00

Back Pain Treatment

Whether your pain is acute or chronic, we take an active approach to your back pain to give you the relief and mobility you need.

from £32.00

Shoulder Pain Treatment

If your shoulder is stopping your daily activities, or training. Our rehabilitation programmes aim to improve mobility and improve your shoulder strength so you can return to what you love doing.

from £32.00

Personal Fitness Training

Looking to get fit? Lose weight? Or train for an event? We can help you with bespoke exercise plans and 1-1 training sessions.

from £30.00


At Your Sports Therapist, we now offer bespoke orthotics. Made to measure for your feet, for the activities you want to do.


“I had a stiff and sore ankle following a sprain and YourSportsTherapist has helped me regain mobility and increase strength and stability. Their professional and focused approach really works and I can now play sport and visit the gym with lots more confidence so thank you! Highly recommended.”


“This is the best massage I've had in Northwich! It is great to be rid of so much tension. Looking forward to the next session.”


“Was able to locate my problem instantaneously! Impressive and very professional service.”


“I’ve been using their sports therapy services for many years, as I need proactive therapy to keep in shape for rowing competitions and general maintenance after calisthenics. A friendly and professional service and highly recommended.”


“Brilliant session with YST this morning. They are really good at helping you to overcome challenges and feel a sense of achievement by the end of a session. I had lost my sports mojo a bit, but with their help it is well and truly back!”


“YST are amazing at what they do! Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a physio. They always manage to make me feel a million times better in one session! 5 star service for sure.”


“Fantastic service. As a rower I saw YST to help with improving my flexibility and conditioning to increase my reach during racing. YST has helped me to lower my PBs, increase my reach and enabled me to compete in national and international competitions.”


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