Sports Massage

For the individual athlete maintaining a high standard of performance in competition, or training is key to achieving your personal goals.

However, your muscles can become tired when put under excess strain and this is where sports injuries can occur.

To prevent this, having a sports massage on a regular basis can help prevent injury, and also improve your performance!

The Benefits of a Sports Massage

  • Relieving muscle tension through continued or excess training
  • Aids the dispersion of lactic acid from muscles
  • Increases muscle flexibility in order to prevent injury
  • Aids the break down of scar tissue to keep muscles flexible
  • Helps prevent muscle soreness the day after training, or a race
  • Having a massage before activity can help your warm-up regime
  • The heat generated through different massage strokes aids a therapeutic benefit to the patient.

Sports Massage (30mins)


Sports Massage (60mins)


Home Visit (60mins)


*appointments outside of a 15 mile radius of Northwich, Cheshire will incur an extra charge.